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Explore Self Acupressure!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

I wanted to share some a technique for self acupressure with you! Enjoy

Notes from Video

Acupressure is an ancient Traditional Chinese healing modality that uses light pressure applied to specific points called Acupoints to stimulate relaxation and alleviate pain

Acupressure is believed to improve circulation, boost the immune system, and release tension or stress. Doing so on oneself is a great way to experience the therapeutic effects, take care of your body/mind, and keep doing the work in between our sessions together.

Energy Work: Concept that can be hard to understand! Involves working with Qi (also spelled chi or ki).

Qi is a combination of matter, energy, and life force. It cannot be measured and therefore doesn't exist according to Western Medicine - but it is the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM.

In the above video, I show you how to feel and assess Qi in your own body.

I show you the Large Intestine channel. Which, according to TCM, governs our body's ability to absorb water, eliminate solid waste, and clean/detoxify the body. Working with channel can alleviate headaches, inflammation, arthritis, constipation, and skin problems. Emotionally, this channel helps control negativity, handle toxic thoughts, and help you let go of negative/challenging emotions.

Large Intestine 4 (Li4) or Hoku, is specifically good for headaches and reducing any sort of pain the body is experiencing. It also can help balance the whole channel.

Watch the video for instructions of how to find the point and begin to connect with the Qi.

How to assess Qi:

Qi is a spectrum. We want the Qi to flow easily, not too much, not too little.

When you are feeling the pulse, you may feel it beating strong, fast, or warm, these are an indication of an excess of Qi. Conversely, you may find it beating weak, slow, or cold, these are indications of a deficiency in Qi.

When working with Qi and direction your awareness/attention into the points, you have a chance to help the point flow back to balance. Sometimes it happens quickly, other times it takes longer.

Try working with the point in the way described in the video 1 to 3 times a day and see if it helps you feel more centered or relieves pain in any way.

For Acupressure or Shiatsu sessions in Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Hayward, San Francisco or anywhere else in the California Bay Area, click here or text me at 650 862 9865. Ask me to integrate Acupressure into our 60 min, 75 min, or 90 min massage.

Looking forward to working with you!

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