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Our session will take you on a journey, a meditation facilitated by touch


I have always been guided by a desire to make the world a more beautiful place. Shiatsu is a powerful tool in helping people bring out the most vibrant and most healthy version of  themselves, and therefore more able to share their own gifts with the world. This to me is activism. 

I have a knack for helping people to feel comfortable and grounded. Besides massage, currently I work in ecological restoration and I am also a youth mentor. Before getting into bodywork I worked as a garden teacher at elementary schools, a wilderness ranger, a traveling carnival worker, I also owned and ran my own gardening service.

My Approach to Bodywork

We all have our own unique relationship to touch. Touch can be comforting and healing, though many have been harmed by it. I strive to create a safe space where your body and your relationship to touch are honored.

I am deeply connected to the energetic side of Shiatsu as well. I work along energetic pathways called Meridians according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. I use my hands  to seek out distortions in the energetic field, and then I use Shiatsu to assist your body moving back to balance.



“Sam brings a level presence and care to his massages that is unparalleled. His touch is gentle and healing, firm and confident. His knowledge is deep and he approached our time with curiosity, asking about what I needed and what felt good. Highly recommend!”

- Michelle, San Francisco


Our bodies have a natural ability to heal themselves. Sometimes we just need  a gentle nudge in the right direction

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