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Why Touch is Essential for Your Health and Well-Being

We all need physical touch to survive and thrive. Unfortunately, in our modern world, it’s easy to forget this basic truth. With so much stress and pressure from work, family, and society as a whole, we live in a world where people don’t touch each other. However, if you want to improve your overall health and wellbeing it’s important to remember the importance of touch.

When it comes to the physical benefits of touch, the research is showing that touch can have a positive effect on every physical system of the body. This is true of our nervous system, digestive system, muscles and bones, immune system, even our respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Our skin contains certain receptors that are directly set up to respond to safe and nurturing touch. When we are touched in a loving way these receptors activate our parasympathetic nervous system which helps reduce cortisol and other stress hormones in our body. Cortisol is known to be an inflammatory agent so reducing it can help us heal faster from any type of injury or illness.

Another great benefit of touch is pain relief. Research has demonstrated that massage therapy can be effective in treating chronic pain due to its ability to stimulate blood circulation throughout the body. Massage also releases endorphins which are the body's natural pain killers so even if you don't have chronic pain, getting regular massages can help with acute soreness or muscle tension after a hard workout session.

Touch is also important when it comes to psychological health because it helps us feel connected with others which can be beneficial in reducing feelings of loneliness or anxiety. Studies have shown that even light touches like hugs or handshakes can stimulate the release oxytocin - sometimes referred to as “the love hormone” - which helps promote feelings of trust, safety and security. Oxytocin also inhibits cortisol production so when we get regular doses of positive touch we may be less likely experience symptoms associated with high levels of cortisol such as fatigue or irritability.

In conclusion, whether it’s through massage therapy, receiving hugs from loved ones, or simply holding hands with someone special - incorporating appropriate levels of touching into your daily routine is essential for maintaining good mental and physical health! If you find yourself feeling stressed out or overwhelmed make sure you take some time out for self-care activities such as cuddling up with your partner/pets at home – or better yet, book a massage! These simple touches will go a long way towards helping you stay healthy both inside and out!

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